Investissements étrangers au Luxembourg

Investissements étrangers au Luxembourg: les multinationales évitent les impôts en masse.
Près de la moitié des Investissements Directs Etrangers (IDE) fantômes se sont produits au Luxembourg et aux Pays-Bas.
Selon une étude, une grande partie du stock mondial d’investissements étrangers directs est constituée de capitaux « fantômes », conçus pour minimiser les obligations fiscales des entreprises plutôt que pour financer des activités de production.
Près de 40% des IDE mondiaux – d’une valeur totale de 15 milliards de dollars – passent par des sociétés «vides» sans « véritables activités commerciales », selon l’étude du FMI et de l’Université de Copenhague.

Le double-jeu de Jean-Claude

640_000_j65da« S’il est un qui a fort mal commencé l’année, alors c’est bien Jean-Claude Juncker…

Ce soir, Vincent Giret nous emmène au Luxembourg, à la suite de nouvelles révélations sur ce petit paradis fiscal » sur France Inter à écouter ici:

L’article du Guardian en question qui a révélé l’affaire (in english):

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The silent man of LuxLeaks fights back – Politico

The silent man of LuxLeaks fights back

“The story of Halet is another glaring example of the EU’s utter failure to protect those that sacrifice much in their life for the public interest,” said Fabio de Masi, a politician from Die Linke in Germany and a Member of the European Parliament.

“Despite much public talk about tax avoidance after LuxLeaks, he has received no support whatsoever from authorities in France or anywhere else. It shows the hypocrisy in political discourse and the bad shape of our democracy that whistleblowers are left so unprotected.”

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Are the big 4 accountancy firms more like the big 1?

“The Big Four…just seem to be getting away with being the guardians of commerce when they are basically a bunch of tax cheating facilitators…they have infiltrated governments at every level all around the world”

Michael West

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‘We are copying Ireland’

The Davos World Economic Forum 2015...George Osborne, U.K. chanc

‘We are copying Ireland’ – UK’s tax cut to boost FDI

Cutting the UK’s corporation tax rate to 15pc would boost foreign investment there by almost 11pc and reverse any declines suffered as a result of Brexit, a think tank has said.

Chancellor George Osborne has unveiled plans to aggressively cut the country’s corporate tax to less than 15pc to woo businesses deterred by Brexit. That will place it in direct competition with Ireland in terms of foreign direct investment.

It would take Britain close to the 12.5pc corporation tax rate in Ireland, which has been a cornerstone of our economy and helped attract major employers, including Apple, Pfizer and Google.

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